Nourish possibility.

It’s more than just composting and using recyclable materials (although we’ll do that, too.) It’s about creating an impact that lasts. We are reducing our own personal eco-system while redefining what a restaurant should be. And creating partnerships with people who hold our same ideals and taking a green approach every step of the way.



Our space is made of sustainable building materials, and follows LEED standards for construction.



Our paper and plastic products are biodegradable. Instead of using chemicals to wash dishes, we use a high-pressured heat water system to clean. We use eco-friendly cleaning products.



Our waste is divided into three different categories: compost, recycle, and waste. We aim to throw away only one bag of trash a night.


We strive to be self-sufficient. We have rain barrels in the back, and will farm our own food starting in the Spring of 2018.



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